Anne Linsdau
Executive Coach

Working with leaders ready to take their career to the next level

If your career objectives include building a high performing team, landing a role in the C-Suite, or becoming known for outstanding leadership, you need to be prepared to take a wider view of both yourself and your career trajectory and make adjustments so you can achieve maximum success.


What’s on your mind?

Do you have aspirations for more career success but can’t seem to get that promotion?

Are you already a high performer and ready to invest in even greater success?


take a wider view of your career

We all have blind spots and even the most qualified individuals hit road blocks, face uncertainty, or need an objective, outside voice.

Top executives understand that self-awareness, capitalizing on strengths and managing weaknesses are all keys to success in today’s competitive marketplace.

A strong coach will help you see beyond the immediately visible and work with you to create a strategy aimed at career success.

Improved leadership skills, higher self-confidence, and better performance are just a few of the outcomes you can expect when working with a coach.



Are you ready to take your career to the next level?


People & Companies Anne has helped

I worked with Anne for several years while leading a supply chain of over 4000 people.  She was a great business partner providing support, coaching, and feedback to help improve my personal effectiveness as well as the entire organization.  Always quick to provide support, time, effort, and counsel where needed.  She was a great asset to me.
— Dave Cowperthwait, VP Global Capability, Kellogg Inc.