Coaching Services

Career Advisory Coaching offers one-on-one, confidential coaching focused on professional and leadership development.

This coaching is best suited to executives (VPs, directors, senior managers) who are ready to make an upward career move and want to achieve high levels of success.

We focus on identifying and closing any gaps in skills, identifying growth opportunities, and creating a career development strategy.

Package rates are available.


Career strategy and big picture thinking

  • Review and discuss career goals and steps to achievement.
  • Examine steps, possibilities, and options associated with job and career changes.
  • Identify enhancements, training, and change needed for job and career growth.

Increase Job Satisfaction and Performance

  • Discuss what would be involved to feel good or better about your work.
  • Discuss your work, and what might be getting in the way of your best efforts.
  • Discuss how you can best leverage your strengths for success.

Develop Leadership Skills

  • Explore leading and managing others.
  • Focus on leadership style and teams.

Widen your view and achieve career success.

Anne was a great mentor from whom I gained new insights and skills. Her professional demeanor serves as an excellent example of how to conduct yourself, communicate effectively and rise above today’s slouchy norm.
— Kate Evert, Founder, Commonwealth Consulting